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Welcome to GloryNetwork!
Brand New! Premium & Cracked server, see more?
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We would like to proudly announce the release of Ranked Bedwars Beta Season.

All ranked information are in the discord server: rbw.glory-network.com https://discord.com/invite/Sz2vWxxgTa
You must register with your in-game name using =register  and you must be connected to either play.glory-network.com or as.glory-network.com

Ranked Bedwars in-game updates:

- New knockback profile (not tested yet)
- Smooth gameplay
- Cosmetics (Tags, In-game, Lobby)
- Interactive leaderboards
- Voting rewards
- Mystery Boxes
- New bedwars message formats
- Lunar & Premium Support (Server wide)
- Statistics
- Restricted items are not buyable
- Easier upgrades menu

Official Glory-Network discord: https://discord.gg/WNefTrd3v2
Ranked Bedwars discord: https://discord.com/invite/Sz2vWxxgTa

[RELEASE] Ranked Bedwars about 1 year ago

Our server now supports Premium Clients. What does this mean? This means that premium users who use premium clients such as Lunar Client can use their clients features such as cosmetics! Our server also shows on the friends tab on Lunar Client.

Please note that if you're a cracked user who uses a premium username and receive an error on joining the server, you must reconnect again to join the server.

Premium & Lunar Support about 1 year ago

Ranked Bedwars is great!

Ranked Bedwars about 1 year ago


This is a start of a Brand New Minecraft Network! Feel free to check out the store and post your reviews by creating new forums!

Our server currently only includes the following for now:

- Ranked BedWars

- OpPrison

- Practice

Welcome to GloryNetwork! over 2 years ago